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The Z-Day wiki is a constantly being updated source on how to best prepare for, train for, and survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse. We will analyze survival tactics, what-if scenarios and potential solutions. As well as give tips and pointers on how to deal with everything from hunger, stress, mental breakdowns, and more. Welcome to the Z-Day Survival Wiki!

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I have seen, read, and watched countless videos, guides, and other survival movies on how to deal with the zombie apocalypse. Most seem to think that people only need to know how to "shoot a gun" or "pitch a tent and hunt" to survive. Most guides I have seen tell you nothing about how to deal with injuries, weapon maintenance, and other survivers (either friend or foe). This wiki is for those who don't want the "glorified" and "candy-coated" version of the zombie apocalypse. Anything you can add and give advice on, please do, but do not erase someone else's entry before being completely sure that it is innacurate. 

Latest activityEdit

Wiki was created in 2013
Wiki is being updated periodically
Wiki has added a page on the LQP-79 Zombie Virus.

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