Okay, so you're alone in the woods after Z Day. You've gotten lost. It'll be dark soon and you're almost out of food and water. To make matters worse, it's cold. It's in the middle of autumn and you're out of ammo and matches. All you have is a survival knife, 4 feet of rope, half a canteen of water and a small pack of trail mix, as well as the hunting clothes on your back.


  1. Use the sun as a compass, it sets in the west and rises in the east. If you're facing the setting sun, then to your right is north and to your left is south.
  2. Stay calm and look for an indent or shallow cliff or large tree to take cover from the wind. Camoflauge yourself with the surrounding leaves to avoid detection.
  3. Keep your body compact. Draw your hands inside your sleeves and jacket if needed. Preserve your heat!

What Would You Do?Edit

Please tell me your solution to get out of the cold forest in the comments below.

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