One of the true horrors of Z Day will be infected friends. When your friend gets bit several questions will be raised. Will he/she turn? How long will it take he/she to turn? How should we proceed?


A true life zombie virus isn't a guarunteed death sentence. It is possible that the immune system may be able to overcome it if the bite wasn't very deep. On the other hand it could take days to start showing symptoms. You should discuss possibilites with your team members, including the affected member. Try to reach an agreement, keep a close eye on them, and note how their behavior or energy levels change as time goes on. If possible record these findings as well as how long it takes to turn in a notebook in your bug out bag.

My bottom liner is to mentally prepare yourself for a worst case outcome. Be prepared to end it quickly if needed and without hesitation. It may seem cruel, but morality has little standing after a catastrophe.

What Would You Do?Edit

Let me know how you would deal with this situation in the comments below.

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