Solo is the term used for someone who is planning or trying to survive Z Day alone. After Z Day these guys typically believe others slow them down or stab them in the back. They are loners who may or may not be accompanied by an animal companion such as a dog to aid in survival.


If you plan to survive alone, I highly recommend having a bug out bag and hunting dog prepared and trained for when Z Day hits. Also, familiarize yourself with your gear, weapons, and surrounding area and have an escape plan ready for when the shit hits the fan.


There are serveral advatages to being alone:

  1. No one will betray you
  2. No one will give your position away to enemies
  3. You can do things to survive your way, including make your own judgment calls and decisions without question


  1. If you get injured you still have to fend for yourself
  2. No one can cover your back in a fight
  3. You can't ask questions if you are unsure of something

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