Your team or group is the most important thing you can have ready for when Z Day hits. Keep in mind each of your team members, any medical needs for them, special skills they posess, and their mental mindset. Make sure your group will flow well together and not argue constantly.

Forming your GroupEdit

When selecting your group members, keep in mind the factors effecting them and you. For example, medical issues, person problems, and their mindset or disposition may effect the team. I recommend finding candidates who know each other, work well together, do not get angry easily, and are in good physical and mental shape. Skeptics about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse probably won't make for reliable teammates.

Skills and AttributesEdit

I recommend having people with a wide variety of skills. For convenience I shall list them in bullet form. You or at one of your team members should know:

  • Camping Knowledge (shelter building)
  • Cooking Knowledge
  • Driving Skill
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • Hand to Hand Combat Training
  • Hunting and Fishing Kowledge
  • Leadership Skills
  • Navigation Knowledge
  • Quick-Decision Making Ability
  • Shooting Skills (firearms and bow/crossbow)
  • Stealth Skill
  • Swimming Ability
  • Weapon Maintenance Knowledge


You and your group will have to make a bunch of decision. A few of which might include the following:

  • Is one person in charge or are you a democracy?
  • What do you do if one of you gets infected or bitten?
  • Will you take in extra members you run into?
  • Can you make a deal with other survivors?

These are things you should discuss with your group before Z Day and on a case by case basis after.

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