This page will be covering the possibility of a zombie outbreak caused by a virus. The top candidate for the zombie virus is LQP-79. On this wiki we will reference LQP-79 as "The Zombie Virus."


Anyone who has researched what they can on LQP-79 has probably run into the same things I have. Several people claim it is a hoax, a fake, or simply nonexistant. There will always be critics. If you are here, it means that you have likely overcome the mind-trap of "If it's from tv, it's fake." 

The LQP-79 zombie virus has (from my research) been described to enhance aggression, shut down the areas of the brain responsible for emotion, memory, judgement, and coherent thought, all by damaging the neurons in our brain that send signals to the other areas of it. There is an ongoing debate whether the cannibal attacks we've heard on the news were a result of this virus or a drug known as bath salts. If you are here, we're probably on the same page.

About the VirusEdit

Beyond shutting down the high consciousness of the brain and enhancing aggression, this virus has been stated as very similar to the rabies virus. Additionally, there are doubts that the virus is a natural mutation. Some believe this virus was engineered to induce violent behavior. If it is modified from rabies, it means that exposure to infected blood by and open wound, eyes, nose, or mouth would transmit the infection. Rabies also spreads though bite wounds via infected saliva, another trait which would make the zombie virus every bit as deadly as we see it in disaster movies.

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